Referring Providers

Appointments can be made in a variety of ways:

* You can call the Center and schedule an appointment (303-315-6100) at one of many locations!
* You can ask your patient to call the Center to schedule an appointment (303-315-6100) at any of our many locations!
* You can complete and FAX our Request For Services Referral Form  to

Platte River Perinatal Center (303-468-3481) Referral Form_Platte_2016

Parker Perinatal Center or (303-840-4713) Referral Form_Parker_2016

Littleton Perinatal Center (303-468-3481) Referral Form_Littleton_2016

Castle Rock Perinatal Center (303-840-4713) Referral Form_Castle Rock_2016

Emergency Appointments : Are considered the highest priority and we strive to book these patients within 24-48 hours.

Forward pertinent patient records, lab results, and results from previous sonographic examinations.

Clinical information can be faxed to the phone number shown above.

Not having all pertinent information can handicap us, so we respectfully request that you provide complete and all relevant clinical information to our office at least 3 days prior to a patient’s scheduled appointment.

While we would like to review the patient’s records before her appointment, occasionally it is necessary for the patient to bring her records with her to her appointment.

Policy regarding reporting of Clinical Results
Ultrasound/Consultation Reports – A written report will be faxed to your office within 24 hours of your patient’s examination time. Rarely, it takes somewhat longer than this, since complex examination reports may take somewhat longer than routine examination reports.

Maternal Serum Quad Screen and Early Screening Reports – We receive reports approximately 3-5 days after a blood sample has been sent to the laboratory. If the screen is reported as ‘positive,’ we will contact the patient directly and fax the report to your office. If the screen is reported as ‘negative,’ we will fax it to your office and NOT contact the patient.

Amniocentesis Results – Fish results are available one the following day after 4:00P.M. if the sample is received by the cytogenetics laboratory before 11:00A.M..Otherwise, they are reported the on the next day. The results of a final chromosomal analysis are are available in 7-10 days after the procedure.

The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides specialty care for the major HMO, PPO, Medicaid, and CHP, and commercial insurance plans in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. For the patient’s convenience, it is important for your office to provide referrals and authorizations prior to the visit.